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Meet Jordan and Alex:  two hard-working kobolds in service of the great dragon who rules this land.  Like many kobolds, these two have dedicated their lives to their master's every whim and need, and would do anything to help in whatever way they can.  So when came the call to sell off some of the dragon's older treasures for outrageous prices to desperate and foolish adventurers..  Alex and Jordan were quick to answer, swearing that they would be the very best of candidates to carry out this task.


Unfortunately for the dragon, the moment these wide-eyed servants held such wonders in their claws, they knew they had to share them with as many different peoples as possible.  Silently abandoning their prior credo, these two set to work attempting to provide timeless amusement to all who would be willing to part with but a fraction of the coin that the dragon would demand--and even allowing people to play these games for free within the lair!


It is yet unknown if Alex and Jordan's wit, charm, and luck have allowed them to evade the dragon's ire for their transgressions, or if they are simply being allowed to do as they like for some greater, convoluted end.  Either way, they are happy to remain doing what they do, and continue to give 100% of the (although diminished) profits back to their master.




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